AMBULATORY CARE LEAD NURSE - Otolaryngology - Raleigh

  • Requisition Number: 401547298
  • Location: Raleigh
  • Type of Position: Regular
  • Shift: First/Day
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Otolaryngology - Raleigh


Independently plan and provide professional nursing care for patients in ambulatory clinic settings in accordance with the medical and nursing plans of care and established policies and procedures. Provide nursing services to patients and families in accordance with the scope of the RN as defined by the North Carolina Board of Nursing.


1. Provide patient care on an as needed basis to facilitate quality patient flow including but not limited to the following: • Perform intake with patients to include vital signs, visit information, and other clinical information as indicated based on patient assessment.• Manage telephone calls from patients, document encounter, follow protocols established by clinic leadership, and inform provider as indicated.• Administer medications to patients as ordered by providers or by established protocols following the six rights of medication administration.• Assist various clinic based surgical procedures.

2. Coordinate staffing and clinic workflow to facilitate quality patient flow and handle patient complaints related to the patient’s experience in the clinical area.

3. Perform tasks such as interviewing candidates, hiring staff, onboarding, competency validation, performance review preparations, staff accountability with policies and staff education. Maintain employee files according to standards. Facilitate staff meetings.

4. Provide oversight of clinic policies and procedures, Joint Commission, infection control, environment of care, and other regulatory standards.

5. Coordinate performance improvement projects in support of clinic metrics.

6. Provide oversight for ordering of medication, medical supplies and equipment for clinic.

7. Attend team planning and other meetings to facilitate quality clinic management and patient flow.

8. Manage clinic in the absence of Health Center Administrator and perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.


.• Previous leadership experience in ambulatory care setting. • Previous experience with Otolaryngology patient care.• Previous experience with High Level Disinfection and Sterilization.


Work requires graduation from an accredited nursing program with a BSN degree. Incumbents in this job classification effective on or before 10/01/2015 who currently hold an Associate's Degree in Nursing or a Nursing Diploma may remain in this classification undera "grandfathered" status.Transferring to another job classification will require that all minimum qualifications of that job bemet and will result in aloss of grandfathering status for this classification.


Requires three years of nursing experience. In addition to the education and experience described above, incumbents must meet all requirements set forth by the Clinical Ladder Committee in Nursing for Clinical Nurse/Ambulatory Care Nurse IV within one yearof appointment.


Must have current or compact RN licensure in the state of North Carolina. BLS required.




Must be able to work under time pressures in a busy clinic/office environment. Must be present on site for 9 hour shifts during standard business hours. Must participate in group activities requiring interpersonal skills &cooperation. Must work as late person when scheduled or according to business needs. Must be able to react quickly and immediately respond to emergencies. Must travel between locations on needed basis. Must be able to handle multiple assignments, conflicting demands &priorities. Must maintain attention to detail over extended period of time. Must be continually aware of variations in changing situations. Must be able to move throughout office environment throughout day. Must be able to lift 30 lbs. Must be able to push/pull 30 lbs. Must be able to carry 20 lbs. Must be able to reach for objects by extending arms.