Student Nurse & New Graduate FAQs


What programs are available for student nurses?
Nursing students are able to grow their skills and experiences by participating in our 10-week, paid Professional Nursing Assistant (PNA) program. Duke Raleigh Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital and Duke University Hospital participate in this program, bringing together students and preceptors in a unique, one-on-one clinical partnership. For application details, visit the Student Nurse page


When will new graduate positions post to the website?
Most Clinical Nurse I positions are posted during the months of October and November for December graduates, and between March and April for May graduates. The number of positions varies, and is dependent on the number of current RN vacancies. Continue to monitor the website often for available positions.


I am a new graduate. Can I apply to Clinical Nurse II positions?
No, Clinical Nurse II positions require 12 months of nursing experience.


What new graduate programs are available through Duke Health?
Duke offers a range of new graduate programs, including:
Specialty Nurse Internship Program (SNIP)
Nursing Residency Program
New to the OR
For complete program description and application guidelines, visit the New Graduates page


Does Duke offer an OR training program for new graduates?
A "New to the OR" training program is available for new graduate nurses at Duke University Hospital. The program includes a 6-month orientation with classroom instruction and training working side by side with a preceptor in the OR. The program is offered one or two times a year, based on need. For complete program details, visit the New Graduates page


Does Duke offer relocation assistance?
Yes. There is a relocation option available to new employees hired into full-time nursing positions (30-40 hours/week).

Option: A taxable relocation allowance that you would receive 6-8 weeks after you start your new position. It is included as supplemental pay in your regular paycheck ($3,000 allowance for experienced RN out-of-state hires if you relocate to NC; or $1,500 allowance for experienced RN in-state hires if you move at least 75 miles or more from any of our entities).


Do you have general questions about the Duke University Health System? Visit the General FAQs page for more information.