New Hires

Your Opportunities for a Lifetime with Duke Nursing are just around the corner.

Hospital and nursing orientations will begin shortly. In preparation for each event, Duke Nurse Recruitment team members will contact you with specific details for your first days as a Duke employee.

Be sure to download and complete applicable forms prior to your start date or within designated program deadlines. You may return to this page for additional benefits resources listed below. 

For questions, contact the Duke Nurse Recruitment office at 800-232-6877.
RN Employee Referral Program (PDF)
Clinical Support Staff Employee Referral Program (PDF)

Wearing a mask on campus is required. Click here to learn more.

Duke Nurses have access to many great benefits -- be sure to ask your nurse recruiter about any of the following programs: 


Provides up to $5,250 tuition reimbursement for classes taken at Duke or other higher education institutions accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, with a physical presence in NC. Employees are eligible after two years of continuous employment in a full-time status.


This program may provide funding in conjunction with the Duke Employee Assistance Program and contribute up to 90 percent of tuition for study toward a master’s degree or post master's degree certificate at the Duke University School of Nursing. Employees are eligible to apply after three years of full-time employment.


Employees may be eligible for a one-time bonus of $1,000 for specialty certifications, payable after their 90-day evaluation period, or upon completion of an approved certification program. $750 is provided for the renewal of specialty certifications every two years.


This program may incrementally reimburse registered nurses (RNs) up to $25,000* of nursing school student loan debt over a three-year period. To be eligible, RNs must be employed in a full-time (36+ hours/week) position for three (3) consecutive years at one of the DUHS acute care hospitals. The contract must be submitted within 30 days of the start date.


We are proud to offer a generous relocation grant. Information about this program is available on the Duke Nursing intranet and accessible after your start date. Please email questions to

*Excludes personal and parent plus loans.